Lectures on Jewish Renewal in Poland, a progressive Jewish umbrella for the future

Graduation of Prayer Leaders

The revival of Jewish life in Poland is a major effort involving hundreds of people. My work there, as executive director of Friends of Jewish Renewal in Poland, is multifaceted and an innovative model for renewing and deepening Jewish community and commitment.

Listed below are some topics for lectures about Jewish Renewal in Poland.

  • Creating Poland's First Progressive Prayerbook in 85 years in Hebrew and Polish. You can read more about this ground-breaking effort here.
  • Innovation in a Lay Cantors Program for Polish-speaking Leaders. You can read more about this program here.
  • Bogdan's Journey, a discussion of the documentary which portrays a courageous struggle for historical acknowledgement and reconciliation related to the Kielce Pogrom on July 4, 1946, led by Polish psychologist Bogdan Bialek. Soon there will be a discussion guide available here.
  • A Grain of Truth, discussion of the new movie and detective novel.
  • Aftermath. Presentation and discussion of the film Aftermath confronting the "dark past." This lecture includes a discussion guide here.
  • Introducing Contemporary Judaism to Contemporary Poles. Judaism in Poland is still perceived as either traditional Orthodoxy or as an exotic, Fiddler-on-the-Roof anachronism. Our unique Introduction To Judaism curriculum in Polish for “Step by Step” classes re-introduce Judaism to a new generation of young people. Parts of the curriculum are recorded and edited for use in Polish high school classes.

You can find dozens of additional presentation topics on the Friends of Jewish Renewal in Poland website.

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