Conversion: Becoming a Jew

It takes hard work to become a Jew, but to those who are drawn to the path, the rewards exceed the effort. I work with interested students to teach them the fundamentals of the tradition and to engage them in a process of prayer and reflection to determine their relationship to Judaism.

I offer long-term, in-depth teaching to people who are seriously considering Judaism for themselves. Students will learn to live by the Jewish calendar. Along with the holiday rituals and celebrations, they will study the history of each of the Jewish holy days and learn the stories that bind Jews together in this worship. They will learn the daily prayers and blessings and learn how those prayers have evolved along with the varied rituals and techniques through which Jews learn to pray and meditate with deep intention. They will gain an overview and engage in some directed study of key Jewish texts.

Judaism teaches a path of mindfulness and awareness that awakens the heart to expressions of gratitude and a life of generosity. Through meditation and conscious practice of being present one arrives at a spiritual path drawing on ancient and modern teachings.

They will be introduced to the unique ways in which Jews live out our relationship with our beloved Torah and the centuries of thought it has inspired. Through discussion and guided personal reflection, students will engage with a variety of approaches to Judaism in order to help each seeker find his or her own place on that continuum. We will discuss values and spiritual needs, working out why each student is drawn to Judaism and what questions, hesitancies and concerns they may have.

What I do is not exactly proselytizing; it is more like a shared process of discovery to see if this tradition is right for each person and how they might best fit into to it. This is not only to help students understand what they might get out of Judaism. It is also to guide each person to uncover his or her own possible, unique contributions to the tradition.

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