Your wedding is a day you’ll remember for the rest of your lives! I work with each couple to create a joyful, meaningful ceremony that fulfills Jewish tradition while expressing the uniqueness of your lives and love. I believe that a rabbi's role is to affirm the couple's relationship and invite their connection to the Jewish people. Each couple is unique. Building a rabbinic relationship with a couple often means raising questions of family life including religion in the home. Sometimes those conversations continue after the ceremony, on the assumption that not all questions need to be addressed before the ceremony.

I welcome couples from different faith traditions and same sex couples. My commitments are to affirming life and connection for those who seek to celebrate their marriage in the Jewish tradition.

I have been trained in the Prepare-Enrich marriage counseling program (, which is used by clergy, psychologists and marriage counselors throughout the country. Prepare-Enrich uses a customized questionnaire,designed to get prospective married couples to consider the key ingredients in their relationship. After couples fill out the questionnaire, I follow through with them in several in-person or skyped counseling sessions prior to marriage.

This personalized counseling is designed to get couples through the stressful time of planning a wedding and also lay a firm foundation for the future. My goal with each couple is to help them arrive at clarity about their values and practices with regard to such practical matters as budgeting along with their personal goals and values. I focus on teaching communications skills, the ability to identify and manage the inevitable stressors in life and on helping each partner to get a stronger sense of who they are in the relationship and as an individual.

Please call me at 310-592-8960 or email me.